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Aluminium Gates

Country Gates and Barriers act as 'Portaliers' for Horizal - The UK’s leading manufacturer & supplier of aluminium gates.

Portaliers are specialist aluminium gate installers situated around the UK, approved by Horizal. As a Portalier, we have the training and experience to ensure the level of professionalism that all customers demand. We are authorised to carry out the installation of Horizal Aluminium Gates to the highest standard.

Horizal's range of aluminium gates reproduces the most popular styles of traditional wooden gates, wrought iron and contemporary gates in a form that is virtually Maintenance Free and very long lasting.

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The lines and the design of a gate, its ability to adapt to the style of the property, to suit your tastes and desires are essential. Therefore Country Gates agrees to offer not only a wide range of gates, but also many personalization solutions.

Every driveway and pillars or posts are unique, so every set of Aluminium gates we supply are tailor made to suit you and your requirements, in the colour and high strength qualicoat certified coating which are factors of longevity and reliability.

Construction - Just like a wooden gate, our Aluminium gates are carefully constructed from Aluminium sections which are precision cut and joined in much the same way as wooden gate component parts.

This means that our Aluminium gates look much more like wood and appear just as beautiful from your house as from the road.

The major difference is that Aluminium does not shrink or swell, so our gate sections stay straight and true and our joints stay square and tight.

Superb Finishes - Our Aluminium gates are finished with an internationally recognised process called 'Qualicoat' which protects your gates with a strong outer coating that is Guaranteed For Ten Years.

Standard Infill Options

Standard infill options

You can choose from a range of popular standard colour options for your new Aluminium gates as well as a variety of outstanding and incredibly realistic wood grain finishes. And to extend the choices even further you can select from the entire range of RAL colours to have your gates finished in exactly the colour you want!


The incredibly tough surface coating and Aluminium's natural resistance to corrosion means that you really only need to wipe them down with soapy water to keep them looking brand new.


The process couldn't be simpler. Once we have the required dimensions and your choice of style and finish, our Aluminium gates are manufactured to your exact requirements.

They arrive pre-finished, complete with any hinges locks and stops required, ready for installation.

Aluminium is the perfect choice

We believe aluminium gates provide the best value you can buy as they give you all the following benefits:

  • Made to order from high quality aluminium that does not rust, rot, warp, twist, shrink or swell.
  • Great looking gates in any colour or a choice of natural looking wood effect finishes.
  • Qualicoat coatings that are guaranteed for ten years.
  • The gates mimic the look of wood with individual sections that can easily be replaced thanks to the modular construction.
  • Virtually no maintenance is required over a very long life to keep the gates looking as good as new.
  • Aluminium gates provide a very economical solution when measured over ten, fifteen or even twenty years.


10 STANDARD COLOURS - Optional fine textured finish

standard colours

SHADES OF COLOUR - " EXPRESSION " (OPTIONAL) : Selection of shades textured finish

Colour shades

SHADES OF COLOUR - " FUTURA " (OPTIONAL) : Textured finish 'Sand Blasted'

Colour shades


Colour shades

Qualicoat, Qualimarine

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